‘We’ve helped many customers for years – it’s lovely seeing their businesses grow’

Clients appreciate the personal touch, says Rural Asset Finance Head of Operations ELAINE HOLMES

“I LOVE seeing our customers transform their lives,” says Rural Asset Finance head of operations Elaine Holmes. “Some of them we funded years ago to buy a tractor, now we’re helping them diversify into all sorts of different businesses.”

And building those long-term relationships is important to how Rural Asset Finance operates. “I know that we’re not just helping their business,” she adds. It’s not just their livelihoods, it’s their lives, and the best part of my job is knowing I’ve helped make that difference.”

Elaine describes herself as the “hub of the business” , supporting all the other aspects of it. “I often act as a link between all the different processes,” she says, “whether that’s supporting credit with due diligence searches, getting the files including invoices ready for suppliers that are providing the asset, or working with sales to prepare documents and of course, keeping in touch with our customers to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly for them. Hopefully in many cases I’m able to have an answer before someone’s thought of asking the question!”

Having worked with our founder Matthew Smart for over 10 years, Elaine has seen many customers’ businesses grow. “What’s great about Rural Asset Finance is that we know and understand our clients and in many cases have known them for years,” she says. “It’s really important to us that they know us, too – that if they have any queries, they know us well enough that they can just pick up the phone and get straight through to me, or even text of WhatsApp, and I know immediately who they are and I’ll be able to help them. Being a small team we can build strong personal relationships. We’ve known many of our customers for years and it’s lovely for us to see their businesses grow and develop – and succeed.

“It’s all about making things friendly, accessible and easy for people. Every one of our customers is different and I think they come to us because we recognise that. We take time to listen to them and understand their ideas and hopes and any concerns they have.”

And, says Elaine, many customers’ value that so many Rural Asset Finance staff come from farming/agriculture families. “We know what running a farm actually feels like from the inside, and the issues that can crop up, and they appreciate that,” she adds. “We love engaging with our customers and chatting to them about their businesses. That’s the best part of the job.”

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