How we work with you to make it happen

Well over 100 years combined experience

of lending to farmers

Tailored Solutions

Unique in the way we think

Customer Focused Service

Created to provide the service farmers need

Everything is in-house, under one roof…

We have in-house farming people who know what you do and what you have to do day after day. We understand the farming way of life.

We combine this with highly experienced in-house credit and in-house legal support and advice.

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The funds we lend are in-house.

We are a direct lender and not a broker therefore we are in it with you for the long term.  Far beyond the length of the initial  finance agreement we provide for you.

​We are working with many different farming and rural businesses all over Great Britain to evolve and grow through these changing times.  While every business is different and each customer situation is different, the knowledge and experience we have built up from our national presence can be a valuable resource for many people looking to take advantage of new opportunities in a post Brexit environment.

We know the pitfalls and problems, as well as the efficiencies and advantages of most financing transactions so we can apply all of this knowledge to your own situation and deliver what we say.  You can bet we will have completed something very similar already in another part of the country, we will share our successes with you.

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