Solar grants plus asset finance equals a bright sunny future!

FARMERS who take advantage of the government’s new solar grant could turn it into a very lucrative new revenue stream – simply by combining it with an asset finance package.

The Improving Farming Productivity Grant can be used on its own to install solar equipment on rooftops and irrigation reservoirs, which will cut and potentially eradicate farmers’ electricity bills. But the grant can also be used as a basis for a unique finance agreement that could give you enough solar power to sell significant quantities back to the grid – providing an invaluable second income.
repayments in most cases.

“Solar opens up a huge potential for farmers to open up a whole new revenue stream with little to no strain on the farm’s working capital,” says Rural Asset Finance CEO Matthew Smart. “Diversification is so vital these days for farmers to survive and thrive, to ensure their business is still around for the generations to come. This is a brilliant opportunity to use these grants as a basis for a much larger investment that could secure your business a literally much brighter future.”

RAF, whose staff have agricultural backgrounds and understand the real day-to-day challenges farmers face, can often step in to help farmers build up their businesses in a way that isn’t offered by banks. “We know how difficult it can be for farmers to get finance from traditional lenders, especially to set up diversifications or new revenue streams that can’t show that lender any past performance,” says Matthew.

“That’s why we are so keen to offer solutions that really work. We fund both equipment and land and buildings all on a fixed rate, fixed term – and are one of a rare handful of lenders who can combine secured loans and equipment finance in one facility to fund new projects.. If you own assets already we can use them as security for new loans, to fund new projects.

“Our fixed-rate, fixed-term finance gives you the reassurance and certainty you’ll be paying exactly the same amount every month – regardless of whether interest rates change.”

To find out more about the government’s solar panel grants, click here. To find out how Rural Asset Finance can help you turn that into a whole new revenue stream, contact us here.

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