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a simple and no nonsense approach to modern farm business finance

We are large enough to deliver but small enough to care

The team at Rural Asset Finance came together with a common specific purpose to provide direct funding to the British farming community in the new era, following our exit from the European Union and its Single Market.

Rural Asset Finance was established in 2019 as a principal funder.

We work (face to face when unrestricted) with our customers to learn, understand and then structure the most suitable range of options for the job in hand.

This often requires a combination of business loans and asset finance facilities working in tandem over a period of time.  We are unique in the regard we have all of the skills required to deliver everything we promise in-house.

From the fund management, through credit and legal, to good old fashioned customer facing service, the whole team have years and years of agricultural experience and every member of the team has spent a large part of their careers sitting in front of farmers and small business owners to forge the professional, yet personal relationships required to make things happen.

The team are only too aware that happy and satisfied customers at either side of any transaction - whether lender or borrower, are the best advert for the success of our business.

We have a long term commitment to fund this new era for British agriculture and are excited to be part of the opportunities and new challenges it will face.

We look forward to working with you soon

Matthew Smart


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